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Tidy Town 2008



Virginia's participation in the national Tidy Towns competition probably goes back to the origins of the competition now in it's fiftieth year, whereby Virginia won the national competition twice during the sixties.
Today the competition is far more demanding and the winners are categorised according to population of towns and villages where 'tidiness' is just one of many headings that points are awarded for, these include the natural environment, landscaping and attitudes towards waste minimalisation are all key contributing factors. Virginia because of it's unique frontier to wildlife and nature should rate very highly and therefore we strive to make improvement through awareness and respect of our doorstep environment, something understandably quite challenging with a growing urban popultion. We have now made it our aim for the future to include the whole community, with particular emphasis on schools and resident groups who play a vital part in our long term strategic plans.
As with every town and village in Ireland, Tidy Towns is a commitment of pure enjoyment in taking pride in where we live and this would not be possible were it not for volunteerism and the County Councils lending support to the volunteer Tidy Towns committee's in many different ways. In Virginia we have a very good working relationship with the local Council and the business community and remain grateful for their assistance in the past, we will shortly roll out our plans for the coming year and will ask for their help again.
Next year we will raise the bar even further and will challenge other towns in the county to commit to overall improvement and pride in our towns and county. We think we are the best and with everyones support and endevour we will once again lead the way.

 submitted by Chris Kirk - Tidy Town Committee

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