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Name: Pergola Nurseries

Address: Ballyjamesduff Rd., Virginia, Co. Cavan
Telephone: 049 854 7559
Fax: 049 854 8219
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Opening Hours
9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Mon - Sat)
2.00 to 6.00 pm (Sun)



Pergola Nurseries founded in 1986, operates a tree, shrub and flower nursery on its 4 acres site at Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland. We are an independent garden centre, family owned and run. We are customer oriented and driven by ambition and a love of plants. We are innovative, at the forefront of the retail nursery industry in Ireland.

Many new plants introduced every year and professional help always available from qualified staff at all times.

Pergola Nurseries presently have ready for garden planting a vast collection of top quality trees and shrubs of native and non-native plants, on a 4 acres mature site. See plan >>

We have ½ standard and standard trees available in bare-root, root-ball and containerised form. All plants grow in grade A compost with slow release fertilizer for top class results in your garden.

  • Full after sales service with all plants
  • All trees and shrubs guaranteed 100%
  • Qualified staff to assist with your plant choice and after care.
  • Large user friendly car park.


We stock a large range of various shrubs, plants, climbers and trees suitable for varying types of soil and positions in the garden. No matter how large or how small your garden is, we will have something to suit.

This is such a wide area that we cannot include everything. However, as a brief guide we have the following sections.



Alpine and heathers

We have a wide selection of small plants suitable for rock-gardens, edging and planting between paving.


Aquatic Plants

Full range planted up in containers, ready for your pond. Colourful marginal plants, oxygenating plants, floating, flowering aquatic plants, marsh plants for edge colour. Water lilies in every colour for large and small ponds.


Bedding and patio plants

In our covered area we carry a wide range of top quality bedding plants, filled tubs and window boxes, and lots of colour!


Carnivorous plants

Full range including: Giant pitcher plants, Venus fly trap, Sundews and many more.


Climbing plants

Fragrant and fast growing for wall fence arch. Clematis, Jasmine, Evergreen Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Climbing Hydrangea, Pyracantha, Honeysuckle.



Himalayan, Atlantic Lebanese cedars, Chinese fir, Korean fir, Weeping spruce, Nootka cypress, Monkey puzzle Serbian spruce etc.
Swamp cypress, Ginkgo golen larch, Himalayan pine etc.
Umbrella Pine, Hemlock, Arbor vitae etc.


Cottage garden plants

A very wide selection that changes and is updated on a fortnightly basis throughout the season.



Indoor and outdoor ferns for pots, rockery and woodland planting.


Fruit trees & bushes

A wide selection of soft fruit and top fruit, plants and trees including Coronet miniature fruit trees to suit the ground or containers.


Grasses and bamboos

Looking for a foliage feature or varying the texture of a planting, want to create privacy in an apartment or exposed patio?


Ground cover plants

Excellent mix of ground cover plants for weed control on banks, under trees, and in shrub areas. i.e. green carpet plants for a no maintenance garden.


Hedging Plants

Fast growing hedging plants. Evergreen, with berry and flower colour. Many display hedges to help with your choice.



Kitchen herbs, fragrant herbs and groundcover herbs. Herbs for pots, herb seeds and herbs for baskets.


House plants

Indoor plants are an important part of decor in homes, offices and other buildings. Full advice given on plant positioning in the home. Many new varieties now in stock.



An extensive range of bush roses, climbers, patio miniatures, ground cover, including Flower Carpet roses, standards and half- standards. Fragrant roses in all shapes and sizes.



Shrubs Small and Large with colour mixes, to flower all year.



Trees for shelter, screening, flowering, Autumn leaf colour. Weeping trees, trees with colourful foliage, Trees with extra large leaves, Evergreen trees, Mature trees, Rare trees and Native trees. All guaranteed 100%. Plus delivery service.


Vegetable plants

Vegetable plants in season. Tomato, cucumber, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, melon, swede, onion sets and plants.



Our skill, expertise and design talent can give you a truly unique garden for years to come. We offer the following services:


Garden planning & design

  • Colour mix
  • Mix of plants for your personal needs
  • Plant suitability for your site
  • Sowing a wild flower meadow
  • Constructing a rockery
  • Colourful pond plants
  • Lawn care
  • Woodland planing
  • Trees for an avenue

General advice

Ask for advice from our highly trained staff on tree and shrub care. Pruning, plant feeding, soil preparation etc., Weed control methods.

Hanging baskets & window boxes

Hanging baskets and window boxes planted to order, with your choice of colour in your containers of all types.

Pest & disease control

Bring in any plant problems. Insect samples, leaf samples, house plants etc. for analysis and we can advise on cure or remedy.


Bring in house plants or outdoor containers and our staff will repot them in professional compost with add nutrients.

Soil testing

Bring in a sample of soil (approx 1kg). At Pergola Nurseries we can test for plant suitadility for your soil type.


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