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Can I get a Email address (

Yes, it is possible to get a email address. This can then either be forwarded or you can use the internet to get access to your email address. If you have an advertisement contract with you will get a email address by default. If you would like to get your own email address then there will be an annual charge of 99 Euro. For more details please contact us.


You are a non-profit organisation - Do we have to pay for a listing?

No, all non-profit organisations can submit their content, news, and events to We will gladly add this then to


We would like a custom advertisement package - is this possible?

Yes, we would be delighted to talk to you about customised pages focusing on your marketing needs. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


Who is behind

Tii Consulting Group is the company behind We focus on providing national and international web solutions including small brochure websites, product catalogues and e-commerce portals. We are based in Virginia, Co. Cavan.



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