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Virginia Golf Club Results

Mens Spring League

For many Easter is a holy and spiritual time of year, a time to take stock, be glad and thankful with what you have and to look to the future reinvigorated and motivated for the year ahead. Some of our members are in that position in the Spring League, others are wondering what they are doing exactly in it at all! Nonetheless things are hotting up with only a couple of rounds to go with the Captain still in contention for the league and quite frankly this cannot be allowed to happen. He will get enough plaudits and kind words this year based purely on rank to not need to be complimented for winning things as well. 

This week saw Vincent Brady as the winner so many congrats Vincent, the first of many this year. Victor Nesbitt and Peadar Quealy were nipping at your heels. It was also reported that one member was so excited by your win that he had a wardrobe malfunction on the fourth scaring the flora and fauna alike, and that has made the Captain have a Nike belt for trousers penciled in as a spot prize!


Easter Monday Open Family Scotch Foursomes


Many thanks to all members who played in this event in what was a glorious morning. On this weekend of rebellion commemoration even the PRO drafting in the heavy artillery from Cavan in the form of the only member of his family blessed with golf talent, did not yield him results. The winners with 42 points were Helen and Finbarr O'Reilly, 2nd Paddy and Stephen McCabe and in 3rd place Isobel and Eric Davidson. Well done everyone.

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