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Virginia Golf Notes

Captains Drive in 2016

It was with anticipation, motivation and just a little trepidation that our Captains, Gary Corcoran, Pauline Clarke and Kyle McGuinness, took to the tee for the 2016 Captains drive in. A great show of solidarity from fellow members ensured that the pressure was further heaped upon them. The good, the bad and surely not the ugly, gathered behind them to watch them all drive into office. The drives were delivered with aplomb with the Lady Captain shading it for class with her drive. The competition that followed was a great mismatch of team event, foursomes, scramble and organised craic, as quite literally swathes of golfers took to the course on a day that even the weather showed up and played its part.

Post event, members adjourned to The Coachmans Inn Virginia, who kindly sponsored the drive in for drinks, food and the presentation.

The result saw the aristocracy (!!) of the club winning out. The team consisted of the Captain, Lady Captain, both Vice Captains Sean McEvoy and Moira Blacklock, both Presidents Victor Nesbit and Bernie Flynn, the Secretary Jean Flanagan and assistant secretary Ray (Charles) Foley, winning out. No rumour of a fix was accepted. Congrats to everyone and many thanks to everyone who took part, especially new members, participation is what makes this club great.

Post Script: In previous reports we said that Peter Gill had the majority of golf talent in the Gill Family, this statistic has changed with Linda Gills stock rising after the weekend. Peaders remains static at 1% (rounded).


Janelle Cup Results:


The Annual Janelle Cup was run on St Patricks Day with the following results and well done to all competitors and the winners: 1st Gary Corcoran, 2nd Derek Shekleton, 3rd Frank Fahy (and so the winning begins).


Easter Monday: Please remember the Family Open foursomes timesheet is up on the board in the club house, so grab your wife, husband, brother, Sister, family pet and get out in the fresh air and have some fun.


Annual Members Draw: Winner was Tomas Lynch, congrats Tomas.

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