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Virginia Golf Club Results

Mens Results

The sun shone and the male club members came blinking into the light like bears emerging from a season of hibernation. Some appearing to have wintered better than others and the sound of creaking and moaning  on the first tee with players “warming up” was similar to the sounds you would hear at the docks when the tall ships are in town. Irrespective of all of this, the very serious business of the Spring League was still up for grabs. The winner this weekend was the man was our one and only competition secretary James O’Brien, a popular member and winner who showed everyone else how it was to be done. Congrats James and hard luck Peter Callaghan and Victor Nesbitt who were nipping at his heels. 

Captains Drive In:

Next weekend March 20th sees both of our Captains driving into office at what will be the start of a fantastic golfing season for them both. We all wish them the very best of luck. The drive in will be a shot gun start at 1pm, if your not on the sheet get your name down and join in the fun. Rumour has it that the mens captain has been seen scouring the Ballinlough area for 9 more clubs to add to his already deadly 5, heres hoping he finds them and gets passed Mulvaneys tree on the day.

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