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Virgina Golf Club Results

Mens Club

We thought for a minute on Sunday that the weather had us beaten again but the Captain arrived with his breakfast in hand and like Kanoot holding back the tide, his mere majestorial presence thawed the frost and away we went. The competition was fierce as was to be expected from a group of men deprived action last week and spurred on by the fear of possible marital engagement due to the Leap Year. Joe Hopkins proved the winner however so well done Joe. The overall League is being led by our Captain with Victor Nesbitt and Martin Sheery nipping at his heels, so there is still a lot to play for.

Date for the Diary:

Have you a family member who claims to be better than you? Well tell them to put their money where their mouth is and team up with you to beat the opposition. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and brothers are all invited on Easter Monday to take part in the Open Family Scotch Foursomes. Call Louise on 0863482110 for timesheet.

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