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Virginia Golf Club Notices

Mens Results

It is fair to say that this weekends weather was far from balmy, however those brave souls who ventured out for the weekends competition could be described as possibly just that. Love of the game is the only reason I can think that people ventured out and as Nietzsche once said, “There is always some madness in love, but there is also some reason in madness”. And that reason this weekend must have been the fantastic score that ex captain John Mulvaney posted, to win, of 46 points. An amazing score in the conditions, but where there is a first prize, there is a runner up and that this week went to Peter Foran, with a score (37 pts) nowhere near Johns, but brilliant nonetheless in the deluge. Congrats gentlemen.

Virginia Golf Club AGM’s

The saying goes that a camel is a horse designed by a committee, nonetheless without these people who volunteer and our elected onto our various committees the club would not run and function. Everyone has an opinion and the best way to air these opinions is in the open at the various AGM’s. This allows all members the opportunity to question, suggest and understand decsions taken, pending and upcoming and truly understand where the club is presently at and where we wish to go. A lot of great work has been done over the years, with much more to come, so use this opportunity to step forward and be heard. This is your club and you have a vital role in its future. Mens AGM November 27th, 8.30pm, in the Lakeside Manor. Joint Club AGM December 4th, same time, same venue.

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