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Virginia Golf Club

Men's Results

The sun shone on Lough Ramor on Sunday and like bears emerging from hibernation golfers took to the tee box blinking in the sun shine. It was a stroke competition for our Vice Captain Mr. Gary Corcoran's prize and a lot of strokes were played by many. However two men played less than most and these were:

1st Sean McEvoy

2nd Finian O'Driscoll

Twos winner : Vivian Connell ( rumours of credit agreements in place for the €2 entry from his co players) Well done Vivian your second time winning this.


Best dressed player, tied: Martin Sherry and Capt. Peter Kermath who appeared to get dressed in the dark.


Special mention to the new category introduced by the PRO, the 8 hole competition.


Please note the golf course is booked next Saturday 3rd 9.30am - 3pm for large society outing.


Seniors Results


Like Japanese Knot weed you cannot keep these weekly performers down as they outshine our younger members each week. Finbar O'Reilly has stated this competition will continue throughout October due to popular demand and congrats as always Finbar on your organisation here.


Latest Results:


Friday Sept 4: 1 Alex McAuley Tommy Boyle Louis McQuade 61.2.

 2Isobel Davidson Mike Brown Tom Lynch 61.7. 


Tues Sept 8. :1 Louis McQuade Ann Courtney Vincent Lee John Mulvany 56.3. 

2 Isobel Davidson Sean McDonnell Frank Fahy Stanley Bowles 59.3.


The PRO asks was Frank Fahy away the week before?

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