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Virginia Golf Club Notices

Mens Results.


Sunday saw the monthly opportunity for members who have not recieved a medal since their Confirmation to battle it out in the Monthly medal competition. As you would expect from this time of year some people played in fantastic sunshine where others got wetter than a walk along the Wild Atlantic Way. Nonetheless as is always the case some will always rise above these obstacles to claim the medal and the glory. The honour this month went to Eddie Cooney with 56, with Cat 1 going to Stephen Smith, Cat 2 to Gerry Magee and Cat 3 to Thomas Boyle. Well done lads any handicap revisions will be posted in the clubhouse.

There were no twos winners this week so the club treasurer has slept well for another week.

Seniors Results


Our "AYA's" or Advancing Years Argonauts are still putting the younger members of the club to shame with their results from the weekly competitons. The winners for the last two weeks have been posted in the clubhouse, with Frank (1st on the team sheet) Fahy getting prizes as usual. We might have to demand a perfomance substance test on that man next week!

Upcoming 70th Anniversary Celebrations

As you would have seen around the club we are having an informal competition and night out this Saturdaythe 19th to acknowledge the club turning 70. The emphasis of the event is club participation and fun, with this in mind for Friday and Saturday we will be having an 18 hole singles stableford "3 club" challenge. You can play as often as you like and the competition is open to both members and non members alike. We will be holding the prize giving on Saturday night in Lisgrey House where finger food and 70's music will be the order of the day. Entry fee for the competition is €7 and €15 if you are joining us in Lisgrey House that night.

The PRO was seen staring blankly at his clubs on Sunday attempting to figure out which 3 clubs he should bring out, he may still be in the carpark now!

Virginia Golf Club is a community club that has been in Virginia now for 70 years. The club is built on alot of the volunteer work of the members on many committees and this is greatly appreciated. If your only interaction with the club is your round of golf, we would highly recommend you come along and meet your fellow members and join in the fun that will be had. 

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