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Virginia Golf Club Notices

Men's Captains Prize Day 2

The old saying, lovely weather for ducks came to mind on Sunday, when in fact I'd imagine ducks would not even go out on the rain that fell. The grouping of men peeking out from the clubhouse on Sunday morning made for a disappointed bunch when the weather did not allow day two to even start.

But never fear, we will be back at it next Sunday, to the original time sheet posted on the website and in the club house.


Club Member Paul Brady


Heartiest congratulations to club man Paul Brady for his latest legendary handball victory. When he turns his attention to golf were all in trouble!!


Seniors Results


The Seniors are still burning up the course as they do every week.  1st Joan Flood, Lorraine O'Brien, Barney O'Reilly, Vincent Lee 58.4. 

2nd Eva Williams, Anna O'Reilly, Ml Callaghan, F O'Reilly 59.6. 


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