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Virginia Golf Notices

The pins were selected, the greens were immaculate and the fairways ready for the golfers of note to make their mark in our 2015 Captains Prize Day 1. Our Capt Mr. Peter Kermath welcomed everyone to the tee as everyone wished him well for his two days. After day one, the early clubhouse leaders are as follows, sleepless nights ahead for these men before next Sundays showdown:

1st Stephen Smith 64-5c=59
2nd Michael Keating 76-16c=60
3rd Gavin Mackey 74-14c=60


Great scoring lads with a lot of talent nipping at your heels! 


However a mention for our brave PRO who stands with an air of command, at 6ft4 colossus like, over every shot and who quite frankly redefines the game of golf with every round. He will play shots others merely imagine, hit trees others don't know exist, miss putts that are unmissable and shout fore more often than a maths teacher. He will have the honour of leading the field (reverse order) next Sunday, and those who are with him are in for treat!! 


Best of luck to all competitors next week and well done Captain (and family) on Day one. 


Seniors Results


Some of our young Turks in the seniors ranks were sharpening their wits ahead of the Captains Prize, with some great scoring this week.


1 Ann Courtney, Mike Brown, Frank Fahy, John Mulvany 57.2. 

2 Elizabeth Murphy, Peter Curran, Roy Steenson 63.7.


There is obviously no stopping Frank "Peter Pan" Fahy. 


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