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Mens Results Sunday June 21st

The mens club members took to the course on Fathers Day resplendent undoubtedly in new socks and golf paraphernalia supplied by their children and used them to there full effect. In a weekend that saw Cavan triumph in London and ex Cavan football legend emerged from the throng to claim top spot. Pole position this week went to Fintan Cahill, with second place going to John Donegan. Congrats lads. Remember the clocks ticking to get those qualifying cards in for the majors so get out there and play.


Three fantastic visitors who managed play 32 golf holes, in 32 counties, on 32 courses landed in Virginia at 930 am on June 20th. Many thanks to the members who turned up to welcome these guys who were partaking in such a worthy venture. Further details can be found on the lads twitter page @swing4cancer.

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