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Virginia Golf Club News

Spring League Week 7

Many people took to the course, the sun shone and the scene was one of serenity and sporting prowess, and from the group of players vying for the immortality brought about by success, on this the penultimate round of the Spring League, Peter Gill emerged with 44 points.

Congrats Peter for a great score, next week sees the Spring League coming to a close so if you have not been out in a while, get out there and give your team the last push over the line.

Play golf during the School Easter Holidays

Do you know a young person who could be the next Rory McEllroy? Well junior (15yo - 18) and juvenile (8-14yo) membership is open in Virginia Golf Club at a cost of 75 euros for juniors and 50 euros for juveniles, inclusive of all GUI levys and insurance for the year.

For further information, see the club website or contact Frank Fahy on 086 8810211. Virginia Golf Club is a wonderful place to learn golf and who knows you may be appearing in Augusta National before you know it.


Eyes down for the Bingo

Our first foray into the world of Maggies Den, and Kellys Eye, was such a hit that the club has decided to run another Bingo in the Ramor United club rooms on April 11th. These nights are important for the club and provide a wonderful opportunity for a good night out in the community for all our members. Remember if your not in, you cant win, so we will see you there.

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