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Virginia Golf Club Notes

Many brave souls hit the course for week 4 of our Spring League on March 1st with the sunshine illuminating a fresh Spring morning, then a force of nature hit and Virginia momentarily turned into Alaska as the snow fell. But this moment of meteorological mayhem was fleeting and one man, a force of nature himself emerged from the pack triumphant.

That man was our Captain, Peter Kermath with 44 points. Some score, some man, some captain.

Members are reminded that we are once again venturing outside the club with our activities and running a bingo on March 14th in Ramor United GAA Virginia, play starts at 8.30pm and if your not in you cannot win. A good night out is guaranteed for all in attendance and remember this night is for everyone so ensure you tell all family and friends. Come along, get those eyes down and win some prizes. Further details on our website.

Latest timesheets, team standings and club news is available on our website, also you can find us on Twitter @Virginia_golf,  #smallclubbigfuture

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