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Smashing Times in Virginia

Uprising  Scripted by Tara Mc Kevitt, Devised by Smashing Times, Directed by Mary Moynihan Cast: Mark Flynn, Paul Nolan, Evelyn Shaw, Margaret Toomey, Adam Traynor

(Tickets Free but booking essential)

Thurs 27 March 8.30pm         Uprising, Ramor Theatre, Virginia, Co Cavan

Booking:                                (049) 8547074 www.ramortheate. com

The Troubles seen through the eyes of the rap, hip-hop, dance generation, Uprising juxtaposes stories from the past with contemporary music and rap in a cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary production fusing text, pop-music, modern dance and the rapping of ancestral voices. A young DJ attempts to lose himself through music and dance in a Belfast warehouse as the flag protests rage outside. His friend argues with his ‘passivity’, he challenges her ‘call to arms’.  Uprising explores memories and experiences of war in Northern Ireland and internationally.

Performances followed by post-show discussions with the artists and invited guest speaker Jim Arbuckle, Good Relations Facilitator.

The  pis funded by the European Union’s PEACE III Programme and managed by Special Programmes body



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